Going from Patient to E-Patient: The Way Forward

In today’s age of web, wi-fi and social media, various industries have gone way ahead leveraging their way through the use of technology. But when you talk about healthcare, we haven’t been able to achieve a stage (yet) where technology and healthcare mesh well. Sadly, in this technological era, healthcare industry has not been able to keep up viz-a-viz other industries.

That will change soon with the help of the federal government. Officials have begun a multibillion-dollar effort to get doctors and hospitals to use health information technology and are now reaching out to patients and families to help them become e-patients.

The Department of Health and Human Services, along with other top health IT officials, have begun to outline a plan to expand access, promote innovation and ensure privacy while giving patients and families a bigger role in their own healthcare. This plan is expected to enhance quality and improves coordination and communication among multiple healthcare providers and their patients.

Thinking what might have triggered such an action plan: It’s called Engaged Patients. Engaged patients is actively going to help those seeking to know and manage their own health. Ultimately, by getting patients to become e-patients, they can reduce the risk of costly repeat hospitalizations and medical errors.

The e-health movement has gone far beyond searching for health information on the Internet and online connections between people with certain conditions, especially through social media. It includes expanding access to tools like secure email messaging between patients and doctors, electronic health records that patients can eventually transmit and add to, as well as mobile health apps to promote wellness and monitor chronic diseases.

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3 thoughts on “Going from Patient to E-Patient: The Way Forward

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