The uptrend in use of Mobile Tech among Providers

Mobile technology has heavily impacted – in a good way – the medical practices and hospital workflow. But a more interesting thing to notice would be the change in nature of that use is shifting and there is an uptrend in the number of healthcare who rely on mobile apps.

According to a research conducted by IT trade group CompTIA, healthcare providers are going beyond business functions when it comes to using their smartphone. They are diversifying their range of activities through smartphone to include medication and management related activities, remote access to EMRs and helping patients manage insurance claims etc.

Right now, only one in five doctors with a smart mobile device supporting apps use medical or health apps every day.  However, three out of four providers surveyed believe that mobility is having a positive effect on healthcare. So it’s not too surprising to learn that during the next 12 months, healthcare providers expect to increase their medical app usage to the point where 62 percent are relying on these apps at least a few times a week.

It’s worth noting, however, that healthcare institutions don’t seem to be keeping up with the pace of change, at least where security is concerned. The survey found that only 17 percent of healthcare providers reported having a comprehensive mobile device policy in place (though 20 percent more did have partial policies implemented).

That being said, the rest of the users surveyed have serious concerns in several areas, including ease of use, greater compatibility and interoperability, speed, and better remote access and mobility features.



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