mHealth Apps growing in popularity amongst Physicians & Healthcare Execs

A new study indicates that physicians and healthcare executives are beginning to see the benefits of, and embrace mHealth applications.

eClinicalWorks has released a report that indicates that more and more physicians are supporting the use and mainline implementation of mHealth applications. The popularity with mHealth applications has been rising with patients. Whether it is scheduling an appointment, emailing nurses, receiving follow up reminders or accessing personal health record, mHealth apps are smoothly (and quickly) making their entrance into digital healthcare in a big way. The new report also indicated that medical professionals are also embracing the new technology.

The report polled 650 physicians and the overwhelming majority (93 percent) felt that mHealth apps had the potential to improve patient care. A similar percentage also thought that it would be beneficial to give patients the ability to upload data into their personal EHR file. Furthermore 89 percent of physicians polled said they would recommend apps to patients in the future.

The following mHealth capabilities were cited by physicians as the most beneficial:

  • The ability to send reminders and alerts to patients
  • The ability to allow patients’ access to their own PHI from mobile devices
  • The ability to conduct administrative tasks like appointment scheduling
  • The ability to receive more accurate self-reported data from patients on a regular basis.



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