Growing popularity of mHealth in Healthcare

The mHealth industry is constantly growing, and by 2017, it is expected to reach 1.7 billion users worldwide and worth $26 billion. mHealth can easily and effectively address healthcare concerns of today including preventative care, diabetes monitoring, weight management, and medication adherence etc. It is believed that patients and physicians are beginning to trust apps a lot more. The new report be eClinicalWorks also highlights that physicians and healthcare executives are also beginning to see the benefit, not only in terms of patient care, but also in terms of finance and efficiency. mHealth apps can be used in many ways including diagnosis, monitoring and treatment.

Mobile health apps are projected to save more than $500 billion in productivity, travel and administrative costs over the next 10 years, meaning that consumers, physicians and healthcare executives should sit it and take notice.

“In order to transform healthcare, patients need to be engaged,” said Girish Kumar Navani, CEO and Co-Founder of eClinicalWorks. “People are invested in and want to be engaged in their health as long as they trust the source of the information.”

Mobile apps are leading the way in many industries across the globe – the emphasis on mobile connectivity is huge, and never more has this been more true for healthcare provision. mHealth applications have huge scope and potential, not only in the developed world but also in emerging continents.



3 thoughts on “Growing popularity of mHealth in Healthcare

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