Components that make IT organizations effective

In order to become a truly effective IT organization, it is essential to listen to the customer, understand the customer’s expectations and to assess your performance according to those expectations.

A recent Forrester study reveals that IT play a vital role in the functioning of nearly 87% of U.S. based businesses and that they cannot operate without IT. The question remains that what does the remaining 13% of do?

It’s pretty evident that IT is critical to almost any business in the current technology-driven market. For example, IT is playing a major role in helping lower the costs and improving the quality of healthcare. The challenge in healthcare is that the demand for IT support often outstrips the resources available due to the general economy and pressure on medical expense. Although IT efficiency has been a focus for several years, the demand can’t be satisfied by efficiency alone – IT effectiveness must also be addressed.

Organizations do not generally discuss effectiveness and efficiency. They debate around the bits and bytes, the nuts and bolts about their business processes. While efficiency measures if you are doing things the right way, effectiveness determines if you’re doing the right things. In order to measure efficiency, IT organizations must look at outside data and compare it with their own. But to measure effectiveness, organizations must look inside the company to get the answer. The primary sources for measuring effectiveness are the executives, internal customers and users of the IT services.

IT effectiveness is based on the perceived value surrounding five key components of IT delivery:

  • Governance
  • Project Delivery
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Availability
  • Innovation

An effective IT organization must pay careful attention to each of these components to deliver effective service and must listen to the internal consumers within their company. No matter what benchmarks IT may achieve, if the department’s customers don’t believe there is effective value delivery, there is not.


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