mHealth Growth fueled by Smartphones and Fast Network

According to a new report from Strategy Analytics M2M Strategies service, mobile health (mHealth) application are evolving at a rapid pace, thanks to the smartphone and device penetration and fast mobile networks.

Remote monitoring and healthcare imaging has developed a strong footing in both developed and developing markets. In today’s mobile driven world, mHealth image-based applications range from remote interpretation of blood samples taken in a remote jungle clinic to sending fetal sonograms to the smartphones of friends and relatives.

In recent years, remote diagnostics has quite effectively addressed the issue of shortages and poor distribution of specialists. “Smartphones and tablets have improved so much as image capture and display devices that they permit remote diagnosis with accuracy rates that approach in-person examination,” says Tom Elliott, Director of Emerging Markets at Strategy Analytics and the report’s author. “In an environment where BYOD (bring your own device) is more and more common, health care organizations need to be especially vigilant to safeguard patient confidentiality while reaping the benefits of remote image access on multiple platforms. Ensuring regulatory compliance in healthcare remains critical.” He adds.

Telehealth and videoconferencing facilities have sprouted richer clinical interaction between health practitioners and patients, making use of more capable bandwidth networks and mobile devices. Circumstances are steadily shifting towards a truly mobile-enabled healthcare ecosystem.


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