Patient comes first in today’s healthcare landscape

Doctors in U.S. are stressing on the importance of putting patient first in today’s healthcare landscape. With healthcare making a shift from simply delivering patient care to a reform minded era, health providers are using telemedicine and mobile health to make those connections and carve out a better and more efficient business. a panel of telemedicine industry executives on May 6, 2013 at the American Telemedicine Association’s18th Annual International Meeting & Trade Show, industry experts stressed on user-friendly design. Their conclusion: Healthcare needs to design new methods of care delivery that appeal to the consumer.

It was also revealed that the market is becoming more comfortable with telemedicine and the various new developments in the field of healthcare. Consumers are engaging in taking charge of their healthcare and using more and more tools and devices. That, in turn, is compelling physicians to embrace telemedicine as a means of communicating with their patients, pulling in healthcare data and effecting better health outcomes.

The Monday afternoon session was one of several being staged by the ATA to bring together the movers and shakers in telemedicine and mHealth and engage them in panel discussions about top trends. Earlier in the day, American Well CEO Roy Schoenberg led a discussion on “The New World of Service Delivery,” highlighting direct care providers who are using telemedicine to reach new markets.

“Telehealth, in truth, is a pretty magical technology,” said an executive from a company providing home-based telehealth encounters. The panel also said that technology may be a key component to telemedicine, but it shouldn’t be. Providers have to understand that telemedicine can bridge gaps between the patient and the doctor, and that interaction is just as important as the toys and tools used to allow it.

In the end, they said, it’s all about appealing to the consumer.


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