Success in mHealth: When mHealth becomes just Health is dissatisfaction over the fact that mHealth is not/ has not been progressing with the pace at which it should progress in today’s technology driven world. The finger is pointed out towards hesitant policy makers. But nevertheless, the mHealth industry has made significant progress owing to the boom in smartphones and network. and a possible future is not difficult to imagine.

  • Where women and families will have ready access to information; families will be empowered to question, challenge, and even avoid dangerous socio-cultural norms – from harmful birthing practices to introducing foods other than breast milk early in life;
  • Where health systems will be accountable and able to count events. Where we move away from estimating maternal deaths to counting them as individual lives lost;
  • Where critical time delays before, during and after childbirth will be compressed, shortening the time to recognize a crisis, respond and receive appropriate care;
  • Where “social health networks” will be harnessed to expand the community of care and response to need, even in remote, rural and resource-limited settings, and finally;
  • Where innovations in optimizing demand- and supply-side incentives, linked to real-time performance and accountability, will be focal points of mHealth success.

In the not-too-distant future, one imagines the most effective mHealth solutions being those that are so seamlessly integrated into global maternal and child health programs that they cease to be thought of as “mHealth”, but simply as the “way programs are implemented”. One might say the success of mHealth lies in its disappearance – shifting the question from whether to go ‘mobile’ to which mobile approach to take.



2 thoughts on “Success in mHealth: When mHealth becomes just Health

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