Patients are demanding Portals, Access, and Engagement [Infographic]

One of the emerging technologies in healthcare is to engage patients and allow to take part in their own well-being. Engaging patients in the healthcare process not only helps doctors and physicians in improving communication with the patients but also improves the overall healthcare experience of the patients. CareStream, a dental and medical imaging service providers surveyed over 1,000 patients in US with various backgrounds to corroborate the same. The firm partnered with IDR research in order to carry out the survey.

“By learning what patients are looking for, we can provide our customers—administrators, radiologists and executives—with the tools and services that could lead to better and more efficient care,” said a CareStream employee. “This is because we are ultimately providing patients with more access to their personal health information, and helping them to become more aware of their own health and any issues they may be experiencing. This makes for improved communication with their physicians, which can lead to the improved diagnoses,” the person added.

The survey asked what patients are looking for in terms of medical images, patient portals, and online access to those images. You can view the full infographic here:

For more info on patient portals and healthcare services, contact:



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