Patients Turning to mHealth, Skipping Prescriptions to a recent survey by Digitas Health which included 2000 patients, 24% of patients want to go for an mHealth app rather than going for a pill. The patients who participated in the survey suffered from a variety for chronic diseases, with 60% of active mHealth users diagnosed with their condition more than 3 years ago. This also suggested that chronic disease patients are continuously looking for ways to manage their conditions.

The survey also revealed that 99% of patients would happily accept a prescription for an mHealth application app as opposed to 66% who would still want to go with the traditional medication prescription by their doctors. Amongst those surveyed, more than half the patients were constantly looking for new ways to manage their health and include mHealth as an integral part into their well-being.

“There’s an opportunity in this space to figure out how we can better serve patient needs and get them the treatment and information that’s going to make a difference to them,” said Geoff McCleary, Group Director of Mobile Innovations at Digitas Health.

The study also revealed that more consumers were willing to spend on smartphone-connecting add-ons and monitoring devices to better manage their day-to-day health activities. “They’re doing that adherence level activity already without us and we, as experts in drugs, have a great opportunity to be able to help them, by providing even more information, tools and resources to use in conjunction with their medicines,” McCleary explained.


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