Why it’s Crucial for Healthcare Providers to Invest in mHealth recent HIMSS Analytics shows that 80 percent of physicians are already extending care and benefits to patients via mobile technology. Also, the Employee Benefit Research Institute reports that more than 25 percent of commercially insured patients use mobile apps to manage their health. One of the major reasons behind adoption of mHealth is the smartphone and mobile device penetration and the millions of wearable health devices shipped in 2012.

The Need

Today, mobility is driving change in almost every industry, which is why these statistics may not seem shocking to many. What is shocking is that physicians in a lot of healthcare organizations do not have a branded application or are using an application that has not been provided by the organization’s IT department. So, if mobility is driving the change in healthcare, how can they neglect the area of mobile offering? HIMSS reports that this year, more than 13 percent health organizations are planning to offer their branded mobile app.

Mobile technologies have been pretty successful at accomplishing and taking care of tasks that involve repetition or information capture – or both. They are rapidly finding their way into everyday care activities. Going forward, only those who are able to implement a proper mobile strategy for patients will gain significance. Also, they will benefit from the various healthcare reforms and build an engaged customer base, which is one of the most important assets in today’s fast changing world. Health providers who ignore patient-centered mobile health solutions will soon become less relevant to patients.

The bottom line

The steep growth in mHealth adoption clearly shows the convenience and value they add to both provider and patients. mHealth is undoubtedly the opportunity that healthcare providers have been looking for in order to boost patient engagement. Engaged patients will drive the health system’s success. Smart health systems understand that and are investing in mobile. For others, the window will eventually close and their patients will turn elsewhere for health management.

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