Remote Care: How it Benefits All 3 Groups of Healthcare Industry advancements have brought a lot of changes in the healthcare continuum. The steady stream of new devices, especially in the mHealth segment has led us to believe that technology will bring us everything we’ll need to enhance healthcare. The bigger picture is a bit more complicated than that.

To understand and identify existing gaps in the industry and to figure out ways to fill those gaps and the services and solutions delivery methodologies is the primary objective that drives any market. And the healthcare industry is no different. Despite countless new ways emerging in the healthcare system there is always a need to lock down on key underlying loopholes and to fill those voids.

“Technology is a tool that should be used to enhance the experience of both patients and clinicians,” comments Kevin Quinn, Senior VP of Sales and Account Management at AMC Health. In general, technology should be able to lessen the gap between patients and their healthcare process.

Remote care services have also surfaced as a significant area which could benefit all three groups of healthcare industry – physicians, patients and health system administrators such as greater clarity for physicians, greater understanding for patients, and better ROI and population management for managers.

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