Are Consumers Ready to Take on Complete mHealth Solutions?

From apps supported wearable fitness trackers to sleep and heart monitoring apps. You name it; the mHealth market is filled with mobile health solutions for people who are looking for it to improve their health and well-being. sometimes too much variety and bundling cause widespread frustration as to which applications are good and which not. Lack of interoperability makes it worse for both providers and consumers to adapt to mHealth solutions.
Consumers are annoyed that despite mHealth gaining so much popularity, there aren’t solutions that provide a complete mobile platform that shares consumer data. People want products to be capable of monitoring conditions, finding problems, recommending actions, and solving problems from sunrise to sunset.

The fact is such products and solutions exist. There are resources out there for consumers to enjoy an all-inclusive mHealth program. The problem lies with respective makers. The app makers haven’t been able to roll their products out nicely. Instead of forming an interoperable mHealth framework, these apps work independently of one another, this leads to all the frustration experienced by the consumers.

So far, the result has been a hot mess of disjointed mobile products that, when viewed and cross-referenced autonomously, prompt more questions than answers for those these innovations were created to benefit in the first place.

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