Why EMRs Are Crucial To Patient Satisfaction

EMRs play a crucial role when it comes to keeping patients happy and satisfied, a new study suggests.

https://healthitplus.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/5c9b5-ehrl.jpgAccording to a study conducted by Aeffect and 88 Brand Partners, more and more patients are logging in to check their medical records and like it. Data suggests that about 24 percent of patients log into their EMR to receive test results, order medication refills and to book appointments with their physician. Also, 78 percent of those patients reported being more satisfied with their doctors in comparison to 68 percent of those who had not used EMRs.

The growing portion of provider’s reimbursement is driven by patient satisfaction, which is why it becoming a top priority for healthcare providers. But for a lot of hospitals, the issue still persists. Their patient satisfaction survey results make up 30 percent of their quality score in Medicare’s “value-based purchasing” program, part of the Affordable Care Act.

Ease of access to information and clarity and better communication that the systems provided stacked up for the major reasons behind patient preferring their doctors to use EMRs. Also, 52 percent of survey respondents said they aren’t using an EMR yet, but would be interested in trying one. Only 18 percent said they had no interest.

Michael McGuire, director of strategy for 88 Brand Partners on the release of the report said, “EMR users are telling us that they are more confident in the coordination of care they’re being provided, and think more highly of their doctors, simply because of the information technology in use.”

A host of other factors, such as level of attention and ease of making appointments, also factored into patient satisfaction, according to the survey of 1,000 consumers. But for doctors who have implemented EMRs, getting their patients to log on might be a simple way to create a more loyal following. In many cases, according to the survey, EMR-using patients had adopted the technology after being encouraged by a physician.


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6 thoughts on “Why EMRs Are Crucial To Patient Satisfaction

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    EMRs are the future of consumer healthcare. With technology penetrating everywhere in the healthcare scenario, connectivity enabled solutions will go far ahead in making basic health facilities accessible to many.

  3. I have been studying about the Pharmacogenomics as well and found that it is also a part to be included in the EMRs but will it really help?

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