HIEs and Patient Engagement – The Right Time is Now

https://i1.wp.com/blog.sequelmed.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/012512_0638_HealthInfor1.pngWe have heard about Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) moving data from patient side to providers but the reverse action has rarely been attempted – until recently.

Not including patients in the Health Information Exchange table is understood but that defeats the whole purpose of patient engagement. HIEs are meant to aggregate all the information from multiple providers – leveraging various interfaces and then deliver the data back to consumers.

HIEs have recently gained interest in patient engagement and largely focusing on fulfilling providers’ inquiries regarding meaningful stage two compliance requirements. Providers have been scrambling for affordable alternatives to portals offered by their EHR vendors and provide their patient with something that complies with the healthcare continuum. It is evident that when a patient visits four different physicians, he is not going to create four different patient portal accounts.

Patient engagement makes perfect sense for HIEs interested in long term sustainability. The HIE can leverage the existing infrastructure to aggregate data and provide information to patients via a single pipeline and in a standard format. In return, providers can transfer data and add to their patient participation requirement as 5% of patients who use the shared data from providers can be considered. Also, patients can have access to all their data at a single place and will avoid having to take information from each provider they visit.

Today, HIEs and other organizations that envision sharing data with patients even a year or two down the road would be well advised to begin working in earnest, with an eye on making incremental progress.

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