EHR Solutions and a Window of Opportunities for Technology Vendors healthcare industry has picked up the pace and is poised to become one of the fastest growing industries. Thanks to Health IT advancements and mobility, the healthcare industry is enabling more efficiency to physicians, better care and enhanced patient engagement.

With the aim to swap paper records with electronic records, EHR seems to be paving its way ahead into it. But there are few loopholes that must be addressed with the successful and faster penetration and adoption of EHRs. One of the major reasons where EHR adoption is affected is its slow processing speed. In some cases, staffs have reported EHRs to be taking more time than paper work. Carolyn Hartley, President and CEO of Physicians’ EHR indicated that the trouble with EHRs is with its user interface. It works on many clicks by user.

An oncologist at Palo Alto Medical Foundation, California also reported of having experienced slow processing issues with EHRs while observing the X-ray images, which takes enough time to load on the screen compared to paper on which we can get full summary at a time. There have also been some issues regarding irrelevant fields and improper templates in the EHRs. Some health experts are suggesting that the problem with sluggish performance lies with poorly designed templates.

Not all Healthcare centres are complaining about this system but some of them have problem. Few things which it lacks behind should be included to make it better. For examples, multitasking provisions, opening two windows simultaneously, separate fields for lab data and patient data etc. can go a long way into gaining the trust of physicians and boosting their productivity.

Today, doctors and Healthcare organizations are on their toes with pressure of the improved healthcare solutions. They are expected to act swiftly and be accurate. Therefore, EHRs are meant to help them in their workflow and fill the crucial voids in establishing a seamless workflow management. Improved EHR will accomplish lots of malfunctioning in healthcare system to make better living and surviving of the people.

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