Enterprise Mobility And IT Consumerization: Strategy For Mobile Success

Employees are getting more tech-savvy, especially in terms of mobile devices. But this doesn’t mean that IT managers should underrate the need for a software implementation that fulfills the needs of the organization, and not just a cheap rip-off.  [twitter.com/HealthITplus]

Corporations are witnessing the Consumerization of IT“. A business manager buys access to cloud just because the IT department is too slow to wait for and he urgently needs to store common documents for his staff to access. So, that means unless the in-house team can respond quickly to requests, employees are going to find their own solutions outside regular norms in order to keep work up.

One of the primary effects of the consumer mobile and Internet explosion is that corporate users know that software can be easy to use, intuitive and accessible. They are also aware that their company’s software and IT support can be difficult and time-taking at times. And with more and more technology opening up for consumers, employees know it doesn’t have to be like this.https://i0.wp.com/monscierge.com/sites/default/files/files/blog/MonsciergeMobileStrategy_0.jpg

Mobile apps exude the same effects. Mobile apps correctly indicate how the fundamental rules of engagement are changing.

With the uptake in enterprise mobile apps, here’s what end-users are insisting on:

  • Mobile apps that help get real work done in business be prioritized
  • End users be able to change apps easily to reflect business changes
  • New apps be deployed quickly
  • Apps be device-independent

Sadly, Consumerization has also brought with it the idea of low or no-cost software. When you can download so many brilliant apps for free, why should you pay for a business app?

But this mentality cannot work in a corporate setting. In corporations, the focus on all software assignments – big or small – critical or non-critical – needs to be on the total cost of ownership, and project risks. In such a light, investing in quality products with fast and inexpensive deployment is the best strategy for mobile success in the age of IT Consumerization.

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