Hospital Initiatives To Improve the Patient Experience [Infographic]

A new report, The State of Patient Experience, released by the Beryl Institute reveals the complex reality facing the patient experience movement. The report also finds that there has been a positive trend and rise in efforts in terms of defining and supporting patient experience. But many healthcare leaders are not very optimistic about the impact of such efforts. As of today, only 22% of hospitals in U.S. have a Chief Experience Officer. []

The key findings of the report include:

C-level executives are happy with the progress in improving the overall Patient Experience and Quality of Care. But their anticipation and efforts have declined from in comparison to previous years.

  1. Patient Satisfaction, Quality/Patient Safety & Cost Reduction are still the top priorities
  2. More organizations have a formal definition and formal structure for Patient Experience
  3. A committee approach is most widely used to address Patient Experience
  4. Only 23% of those responsible for Patient Experience spend 100% of their working on it
  5. HCAHPS and leadership are key factors in providing great Patient Experience and measure progress

Check out the infographic below:

The State of Patient Experience

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One thought on “Hospital Initiatives To Improve the Patient Experience [Infographic]

  1. Thank you for your amazing infographic. My experience as a manager, bedside nurse, and now informatacist has lead me to the same conclusion, but you presented it in such a clear manner.

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