Patient-Centered Care Biggest Agent Driving Mobile Adoption – Excerpts From mHealth Summit 2013

According to an expert panel consisting of senior executives from top healthcare organizations at the mHealth Summit 2013 in Washington D.C., mobile technology may very well be the future of patient-centric care. However, there is a strong need for better evidences to take it to the next level of adoption and implementation.

Cleveland Clinic Chief Medical Information Officer David Levin said, “We imagine things that will actually change people’s behavior, but we’re often wrong. Harping that health IT is not usually designed with the patient in mind. “Good design takes into account human factors and what motivates people and [what integrates] into and IT ecosystem,” he said.

Consumerism is adding to success of mHealth so far and it’s going to significantly change the way people live. mHealth patients won’t accept not getting their health data and not using mobile health apps to keep track of and participate in their own healthcare. []

Another biggest challenge from a technological perspective is leveraging big data to make Meaningful Use make sense to their patients, Nasrin Dayani, executive director of AT&T ForHealth, AT&T Advanced Business Solutions said. She added that patients don’t need incentives to use technology–they just need something useful.

“There’s a big gap – how do we fix it?” said Dayani. “Eighty percent of mHealth apps don’t get used beyond one month … they’re not being integrated in workflows or being made part of the care delivery system,” she continued.

According to Dayani, useful content plays a very important role in enhancing patient-provider communication. Dayani said now that it’s possible for physicians to use EMRs to send patients articles, videos and apps, they can keep track of what’s been sent to patients–but stressed that the content has to be useful.

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