mHealth Revolution, It’s Happening In 2014 health or mHealth is going to make a steep climb in 2014

Many recent reports have suggested that mHealth will be increasing rapidly and the technological developments surrounding mHealth is expected to be extremely broad and swift. Corroborating this trend is the presence of large number of health related gadgets, wearable techs, remote monitoring devices, presentations etc that were/ are being and will be showcased all major tech shows and events.

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The mHealth sector has already seen significant growth over the past few years but 2014 will be a game changer.

Many analysts and reports are suggesting that 2014 will be the official start of what is being called the mHealth revolution. It will also transform the world of medicine and implementation of mobile devices in the healthcare industry. [@HealthITplus]

It is believed that mhealth is going to be much louder about its existence, this year.

Experts are saying that the healthcare sector is becoming tired of holding off before it embraces many of the newest mainstream technologies. It is because of this that certain segments have already been popping up and showing that they are open to these changes.

The worldwide penetration of smartphones and other connected devices have made it very easy for patients (and providers) to stay connected – anytime, anywhere. More and more physicians and healthcare providers are starting to adopt more mobile-friendly practices.

For instance, one of the most widely accepted beliefs from researchers considering mhealth is that patients will be able to use their devices to monitor issues such as blood pressure or blood glucose levels so that doctors will be able to better track patients who are at-risk instead of relying on patients to take their own notes, or – even worse – tracking only with tests performed in the office.

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