ICD-10 Implementation: Half Of U.S. Healthcare Providers 25% Or Less Done, Study

According to a study conducted by Aloft Group, an international brand strategy and marketing execution firm, less than half of U.S. healthcare providers are 25 percent or even lesser done on their ICD-10 implementation process.

https://i2.wp.com/www.code-usa.com/files/Images/ICD-10_fish.jpgAlso see: ONC Released 2014 Edition EHR Certification’s Transparency Criteria

The survey included over 200 healthcare providers – 75 percent of which were community hospitals. The study also revealed that 35.4 percent of the providers were 25 percent done with the conversion, while 15.3 percent haven’t even started the process yet. A year ago in 2013, 40.8 percent of those surveyed said they were 25 percent done, and 33.8 percent hadn’t gotten started. [@HealthITplus]

The survey also found that 60 percent providers consider physician buy-in as a conversion obstacle, and 46.1 percent identified lack of time as an issue. Additionally, financial resources were reported as an obstacle by 39 percent.

Forty-five percent of those surveyed said they don’t agree with the American Medical Association’s stance that CMS should reconsider the Oct. 1 conversion deadline. Twenty-five percent said they agree with the AMA’s position.

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