Hospitals Want To Boost Mobile Health Usage Among Nurses!/image/2777819232.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_640/2777819232.jpg

Hospitals are providing their nurses with enterprise-level smartphones and tools to replace outdated or unsecure technology in an effort to increase mHealth related usage, according to a new report by Spyglass Consulting.

What are Enterprise-Level Communications

Enterprise-level communications include smartphones and tools that allow nurses to:

  • Securely store patient records in an EMR
  • Securely transmit messages
  • Enterprise-level systems can also be integrated with various exchanges and devices responsible for monitoring patients and alert nurses to take prompt action if the vitals reach abnormal values [@HealthITplus]

According to MobiHealthNews, enterprise systems could be used to replace less secure communication systems, such as:

  • Nurse call systems;
  • Pagers; and
  • Unsecured text messaging.

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Report Findings

A survey was conducted including 100 tech savvy nurses about the communication systems used at their hospital. It was found that:

  • 67% of respondents use their personal, unsecured smartphones in health care settings; and
  • 42% of respondents use pagers

However, the survey also found that more than half of the hospitals were evaluating options to upgrade their communication systems and provide nurses with better, more secure devices. About 33% of respondents reported that their hospitals had initiated the process of implementing such a system, up from 27% that were doing so in 2009.

Only 4% of respondents said their hospitals already had implemented an enterprise mobile system.

This article originally appeared on iHealthBeat

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