The Impact of Meaningful Use on the Mobile App Market [Infographic]

The Impact of Meaningful Use on the Mobile App Market

The mobile app market is expected to grow 500 percent by the end of 2014, primarily due to the government’s Meaningful Use incentive program. Continue reading


Global mHealth Market Expected To Reach USD 49 Billion by 2020; New Market Research Reports

According to a new market research report by Grand View Research Inc, the global mHealth (Mobile Health) market is expected to cross USD 49 billion (USD 49,119.2 million) by the year 2020. The most domineering – and currently the fastest growing – segment in the mHealth industry will be monitoring services, with market revenue of USD 1227.5 million in 2012. Monitoring services segment has been forecasted to grow an estimated CAGR of 49.7% from 2014 to 2020. to the increase in per capita healthcare expenditures, medical services are unaffordable for a large percentage of the population. As a result, mHealth is expected to rapidly rise over the next six years. Smartphone penetration, steady and reliable internet connectivity, and uptake of 3G and 4G networks is also expected to fuel the increasing demand for telemedicine services.

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Other factors such as aging population and growing incidences of diseases linked to changing lifestyles have intensified the need for affordable and accessible healthcare. Concerns among users, regarding the safety and privacy of information, along with the need for secure infrastructure, are the key challenges for market participants. [@HealthITplus] Continue reading

Delivering Better Patient Experience With Digital Tools – Infographic

Digital tools can help deliver a better patient experience, with improved results, at lower costs. Although the digital health market is still evolving, the infographic below shows the wide range of activity thus far. post was originally published on

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Upcoming 2014 mHealth Events

There have been a lot of technological innovations and enhancements surrounding the mobile health (mHealth). Mobile health is considered the future of patient-centric care. One of the main factors contributing towards the growth of mobile health is consumerism. Today, consumers are becoming more tech savvy using their mobiles for a variety of stuff, every day. Smartphones and apps for healthcare are changing the way people are living and using apps to participate in healthcare.

mHealth Summit

The e-patient movement is the next big thing in the healthcare industry. Consumers are using multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearable and connected gadgets such as watches, sensors etc. and are seeking new ways to integrate digital health into their day-to-day activities. Mobile sensors are taking more place within the industry. InMedica predicts that the American telehealth market will grow by 600 percent between 2012 and 2017. This would represent an increase from the current 227,000 telehealth patients to reach up to 1.3m patients in 2017. They think this is mostly related to the reimbursement changes in the US. [@HealthITplus] Continue reading

How Could mHealth Improve Healthcare in Developing Countries [Infographic]

According to a recent survey by mHealth Alliance, the doctor to patient ratio is 1:250,000 in developing countries. But it’s also interesting to know that the same countries account for more than 80% of the 5 billion mobile subscribers worldwide.

If a person has a mobile phone, it means he has access to information. Access to mobile phone can mean better access to health information and improved well-being in these countries. One example of how mobile phones are making an impact in promoting health is with the Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action partnership that “has developed free, adaptable messages informed by experts in maternal, newborn and child health” that are being used and downloaded by 161 organizations in 54 nations around the world. [] Continue reading

mHealth App Industry is Getting Huge, Estimated Around $21 Billion by 2018 [REPORT]

According to a report from eMarketer, mHealth and mFitness apps account for more than one-quarter of all app users on a regular basis. The report was released on October 1, 2013.

The business of mHealth market is booming tremendously. Thanks to hundreds of start-ups developing mHealth applications and pushing them to world’s major app stores. Due to an exponential growth, there’s much at stake to capitalize in this market.

The global mHealth market is estimated to be valued at $20.7 billion by 2018 from $6.6 billion in 2013 – an astonishing growth rate of over 300 percent over the next five years. Continue reading

Finally, FDA Reveals Its Regulation Plans On Mobile Health Apps

[] Mobile health developers have been waiting for more than two years to get some clarity on how and what the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to regulate regarding mHealth apps. has finally released its final guidelines its guidelines after more than two years of issuing its draft guidance on the focusing on the various regulations around mobile health apps.

Today, there are approximately 40,000 mHealth related apps available for download on iPhone, Android and other smartphones. But most of these apps were developed outside the scope of FDA regulation. With the release of final guidelines, mobile health developers can now align themselves with agency’s regulation plans. Continue reading

mHealth Revenue To Top $9 Billion in 2014 [REPORT]

[] A latest report by Reportstack indicated that the mHealth industry’s revenue is expected to top $9 billion globally by the end of 2014. Healthcare providers are seeking new ways to reach out and maximize their patient engagement levels while minimizing costs. Consumers are looking for solutions to stay connected with their providers and seamlessly communicate with them regarding their various health issues without even having to visit the hospital.

mHealth Revenue 2014 ReportmHealth makes all this possible by providing access to healthcare information, improving distribution of routine and emergency health services and provide diagnostics and even remote patient monitoring solutions. It’s not only a leap forward for the mHealth industry but also a lucrative opportunity for network operators to provide enhanced connectivity services. Operators are eyeing to go beyond providing simple phone calls and internet services. In fact many operators have already started rolling out customized mHealth solutions and services to their customer bases. Continue reading

mHealth and mFitness Users to reach 100 million by 2018 [REPORT]

Smartphones are set to take the centre-stage in mHealth, strengthening the traditional stand-alone mHealth monitoring

Smartphone-based mHealth is going to undergo a significant rise in the next five years and mHealth-based hardware devices linked to their companion applications on smartphones is going to play a huge role in enabling it, a new report from Juniper Research claims. to the report published by Juniper Research called Mobile Health & Fitness: Monitoring, App-enabled Devices & Cost Savings 2013-2018, there will be close to 100 million users of app-enabled mHealth and mFitness (mobile-fitness) hardware devices by 2018. Currently, there are approximately 15 million people using such services and devices. The report also states that mHealth sector is looking forward to use applications to enable services like remote patient monitoring, tracking, and even mobile ultrasound services. Continue reading

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