Two-Thirds of People Show Satisfaction with Healthcare System

Elderly people satisfied with healthcare system

A new Gallup poll suggests that two thirds of the people in United States are satisfied with the country’s healthcare system. Sixty-six percent say they are happy with the functioning of the healthcare system and how it’s benefiting them. Thirty-two percent on the other hand showed their discontentment with the system.

Further, the levels of satisfaction among those having health insurance were much higher. Seventy-two percent of those having insurance said they are quite satisfied with the way the healthcare system is working while 26 percent of them say they are not. [@HealthITplus]

Amongst people without health insurance, sixty percent said they are dissatisfied with the healthcare system, compared to only one-third of people showing their contentment.

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The poll also revealed that young and elderly people were the ones most likely to be satisfied with the current healthcare system. Even though young people are less likely to have insurance, seventy three percent said they are satisfied with the system. Eighty percent of elderly people aged above 65 are satisfied with healthcare. That group, of course, is eligible for the government’s health insurance program, Medicare.

The poll suggests that middle-aged adults were the ones less likely to be satisfied. Sixty percent of people aged 30 to 49 are satisfied, as are 56 percent of those who are between 50 and 64.


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